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Multi-Vintage Port :

Named in honor of Our Founders, the majority of the "2004" Schuetz Randall port was made from old vine Zinfandel and Petite Sirah from the Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma County.

A portion of these wines are racked during primary fermentation and 190 proof grape spirits are added. This stops the fermentation while the wine is still sweet creating a balance of fruit, sweetness, alcohol and acid. Before bottling a barrel of Napa Valley port containing the vintages of past years is blended in. This is similar to the Solera method used in the production of Sherry. This Solera started in 1991, so there are multiple vintages of Port in each bottle. 

The Port is hand bottled with Tygon tubing, a grey picking bin and a rubber mallet, by that little old Chinese winemaker (and some underage illegal extraterrestrials) in Italian 500 ml bottles. The glass is made once a year and then shipped by slow boat across the Atlantic, through the Panama Canal, and up to Califonia where it then sits on the dock in customs. The label is silk-screened in gold on each bottle by some Phoenixes named Steve and John. 

Aged 24 months in French Oak barrels. Racked for clarification, no filtering or fining agents used.

Analysis at Bottling. 18% Alcohol by volume 8% Residual Sugar
70-9=61 cases available (probably less by now).

This inky dark port is always full of rich ripe fruit and the numerous years of past vintages each contribute their complexity to the final product.

"The wrinkled foil, a sign of exceptional quality and dedication to Art."

We love fermented juice and distilled products....lalalalalalalalala.....