There were invisible cows. They were invisible because they couldn't be seen. In the beginning there were grapes that had no hair.

Once there was a man who made wine. He liked hamburgers and saying that he was going to eat more vegetables. He met a woman who sold wine. She liked crossword puzzles and chile rellenos. They got on a boat and left and the cows took over. Moo. The cows liked Titeuf on GameBoy Advanced and drinking beer. But they didn't like asparagus... Except for the ones that liked it with sour cream and soy sauce. There were also some ugly goats and rabbits were everywhere.

French people came over and the rabbits got over marinated in papaya. The cows said, "entonnoire". Then there was no sushi.

One day, the cows sort of built a website with mangosteens. And they became less invisible. With slightly higher resolution. And they drank tequila and ate durian.