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Korte Ranch
The Zinfandel at Korte Ranch was planted about 100 years ago during the administration of Theodore Roosevelt. It has lived through the Bolshevik revolution, the Red Scare and the dissolution of the USSR . These vines have coexisted with men on the moon and survived the invention of LSD, MTV, Velveeta and Cool Whip. This 40 acre parcel just north of St. Helena is owned by Hal, Jack and Kathy Pagendarm. Hal's grandfather owned and operated the Korte Ranch Winery before Prohibition. Up on the hill are the crumbled remains of a stone cellar and house where the original Korte Winery was located. Periodic Elvis sightings are reported by the locals.

2005 Eden Stuart Korte Ranch:

-100% Zinfandel from the Korte Ranch.

-Harvest Dates: Sept. 28th, & Oct 3rd 2005

-Harvest analysis: 25.5 degrees Brix, 3.65 pH, 0.73g/100ml TA.

-Fermented with BM-45 yeast, natural flora malolactic fermentation.

-Aged in 18 months in 15% American and 85% Hungarian Oak barrels. Racked for clarification.

-Tasting notes:

Nose: Smoky oak and black currant

Mouth: Rich mouthfeel, enormous and pendulous fruit flavors, ripe but not over-ripe...deep red but not pepper but not red or white...

End: Delicious finish and will only improve after being open for 24 hours.

Food paring: OK with kimchee... better with wonderful barbecued meats (and bacon is good too!)